What are the major Christian teachings that Buddhists don't accept and why? For further reading, can anyone recommend books which critique Christianity from a Buddhist viewpoint?

For context, I am a follower of Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose teachings were similar to Buddha's.


The Buddhist teachings are three-fold, namely:

  1. Morality; non-harming

  2. Concentration; unified non-judgmental awareness; unconditional love; unworldly 'heavenly' states of mind called 'jhana'.

  3. Wisdom of four noble truths; three characteristics; not-self; emptiness of self; natural elements.

Christianity & Buddhism are essentially the same in respect to 1. morality & 2. unified non-judgmental love however different in relation to 3. wisdom.

In fact, it is highly probable the Christian teachings that set Christianity apart from Judaism come from Buddhism & post-Buddhist-Brahmanism (Hinduism). 'Brahma' is the 'Father of All' and the Buddha (in the Tevijja Sutta) taught to non-Buddhist Brahmans that the way or path to Brahma was to radiate limitless unconditional love in all directions, which is essentially the same as what Jesus taught, namely: "My love is the Way to the Father" (John 14.6) & "God is love" (1 John 4:8).

Buddhism differs from Christianity in that is does not believe in a creator God and believes everything in life, whether physical, mental or Nirvana, is merely natural elements ('dhatu'). Buddhism is strictly impersonal ('anatta') where as Christianity believes in personality, including the personality of God.

The following book makes a comparison however I doubt it is completely objective since it seeks to make mutual understanding between religions: Christianity & Buddhism - Buddhadasa Indapanno

  • Absolutely. I think I'd also add that Christianity believes in developing a relationship with that personal God. It's an important aspect driving most of their theology. I think it's also what most distinguishes Christian wisdom from Buddhist wisdom.
    – user698
    Dec 25 '16 at 13:40
  • Comprehensive. Add some rumours: Jesus in his disappearing years he went to India and became a Buddhist student, returned, with the power to heal and change water to wine; revived the Judaism by incorporating Buddhist teaching into their tribal religion, thus, Christianity. Dec 25 '16 at 14:10

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