It is difficult for me to find the reference about Gautama Buddha wore robe made from cloth which was wrapped to a death body. Which part of Sutta do I have to reference?

Can we calculate how long Buddha wore this?

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It is in SN 16.11.

‘Your outer robe of patches is soft, Kassapa.’–‘Venerable sir, let the Blessed One accept my outer robe of patches, out of compassion.’–‘Then will you wear my worn-out hempen rag-robes? ’–‘I will, venerable sir.’ Thus I offered the Blessed One my outer robe of patches and received from him his worn-out hempen rag-robes.

However, the English translation doesn't mention that the Buddha wore a cloth wrapped to a dead body instead it just mentions worn-out hempen rag-robes. In the pali version it says the robe was paṃsukūlāni (rags discarded on the ground).

The Buddha has obtained it from the dead body of a servant named Punna lying in the cemetery (this part is in the commentary). He wore this robe until he exchanged it with Maha Kassapa.

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