By marathi language "Buddhi" means intellectual so what is meaning of "Buddha" or is same as Buddhi? Does people started call him Buddha ?


Does people started call him Buddha ?

It's according to the suttas that he told people to remember him as "Buddha". For example, at the end of the Dona Sutta (AN 4.36):

Remember me, brahman, as 'awakened.'

... and so, brahman, I'm awake.

Alternatively the Dharmafarer translation of this sutta:

Therefore, brahmin, remember me as the Buddha.”

... therefore, brahmin, am I buddha.

The Pali for that last line:

tasmā buddho’smi brāhmaṇâ ti

"Buddha" isn't the only word used; for example there's also tathagata.


Definition of Buddha based on Pali Dictionary is here:

Buddha Skt., Pali, lit., “awakened one.”

The Wikipedia entry is here:

The word Buddha means "awakened one" or "the enlightened one".

Hypothetical root budh "perceive" 1. Pali buddha – "understood, enlightened", masculine "the Buddha"; Aśokan (the language of the Inscriptions of Aśoka) Budhe nominative singular; Prakrit buddha – ‘ known, awakened ’; Waigalī būdāī, "truth"; Bashkarīk budh "he heard"; Tōrwālī būdo preterite of bū, "to see, know" from bṓdhati; Phalūṛa búddo preterite of buǰǰ , "to understand" from búdhyatē; Shina Gilgitī dialect budo, "awake"; Gurēsī dialect budyōnṷ intransitive "to wake"; Kashmiri bọ̆du, "quick of understanding (especially of a child)"; Sindhī ḇudho, past participle (passive) of ḇujhaṇu, "to understand" from búdhyatē, West Pahāṛī buddhā, preterite of bujṇā, "to know"; Sinhalese buj (j written for d), budu, bud, but, "the Buddha".

Buddha means one who understood or awakened. This understanding / awakening is based on intelligence gained.


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