I have seen in certain books that there is gonna be a lot of buddha shunya kalpas after the bhadra kalpa. Also it has stated about names of 10 Buddhas after the Bhadra kalpa.

Is there a sutra source for these facts? Where can i find them?


There's no mention on the future buddhas except Metteyya buddha in the pali canon. However, there's a book, Dasabodhisattuppattikatha which was written much later than the compilation of the pali cannon, possibly influenced by Mahayana bodhisattva ideals. Here's a list of the 10 buddhas in that book.

  1. Metteyya
  2. Rāma
  3. Dhammarāja
  4. Abhibhū
  5. Dīghasonī
  6. Cankī
  7. Subha
  8. Todeyya
  9. Tissa
  10. Sumangala

Source: https://what-buddha-said.net/drops/III/The_10_Future_Buddhas.htm

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