How can you define the experience of the proces (or the flow) of raising and passing away of all conditioned things?


as you meditate, one of knowledge reveals to you is consciousness (vinnana) can only take place in one thing at a time, tho it rises and falls in one of the other 4 skanda very quickly. As you pay attention, when you are aware of a thought (could be anything that is not about 5 sensual pleasures or anger) and dwell in it, (that's a power of nandi) you let go of nundi and consciousness raises back in breathing (form), old thought disappeared. only this much, one recognizes the raise and fall of name-form. What other dharma reveals in the process? you would see the feeling of "self" does not disappear along with disappearing thought. so you know and see for yourself that a thought isn't you. this is first clear vision of anatta or non-self. the ultimate goal is to see of non-self in consciousness. consciousness is the final burden.

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  • this is just one aspect of it, since all things raises and falls. As a matter of fact, perceiving or perception of raising and falling of things (anijja sanna ) is the highest level of karma from Velama Sutta). – user5056 Oct 6 '16 at 21:22

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