While reading about Lord Buddha I found that he traveled to some other countries. But I couldn't find exactly how many countries. Does anyone know the answer for this?


Solosmasthana are 16 sacred places in Sri Lanka, that Gautama Buddha is said to have visited. Buddha is said to have visited the country three times and on one occasion, the footprint of the Buddha was placed symbolizing the Buddha's presence. The sacred left footprint is said to be imprinted by Buddha on his third visit to Sri Lanka at the apex of the Sri Pada Mountain. There are two other places that the Buddha is said to have visited and placed the sacred footprint. One is in Thailand, and the other is at Sunaparanta – the present day Saudi Arabia, & at the Kaabah.

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    What is your source about the Buddha visiting present-day Saudi Arabia? It doesn't sound very likely, and the documents you linked don't mention it either. – michau Sep 9 '16 at 13:44
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    It is said that Buddha came three times to Lankapura from Janbudveepa (Mahavamsa Commentaries written by Bhikku Mahanama). This was written after 600 years of Buddha’s parinirvana. The footprint that is left by the Buddha @ Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) during the third & final visit to Sri Lanka, is said to be identical to that of the Kaabah, Mecca. The Muslims believe that it is the footprint of Prophet Hazrat Adam. The footprint in Sri Pada is there for everyone to see, but no one will ever get to compare and contrast the two footprints, as the precinct of Kaabah is out of bounds to everyone. – Saptha Visuddhi Sep 10 '16 at 0:24
  • It is possible that Buddha visited Saudi Arabia but wasn’t Jambudvipa earth and other three continents are invisible to people who doesn’t have the divine eye? – TheDBSGuy Nov 13 '18 at 20:06

i tried to look for document i read a few years back but no luck. Maybe someone saw the same document as i did and has a better luck finding it. Someone have compiled a list of places mentioned in the beginning of suttas to map out Buddha's where about at each raining season. He stayed in Jettawana grove the longest for 20 years, next was monastery (i dont remember the name) built by lady Visaka for 10 years, 5 years or less in other places such as one built by his physician Jivaka (i believe it was mango grove), Bamboo groove (Veluvana) etc. If you go by the record in these sutta, Buddha did not travel beyond what currently are India and Napal.

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    Maybe just over what is currently the border with Nepal, too? – ChrisW Sep 9 '16 at 20:52
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    oh yes, and Lumbini, Nepal. – user5056 Sep 9 '16 at 21:42
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    During the rains retreat (vassa), Buddha generally stayed in one place. See HERE for a detailed description of these places. – Saptha Visuddhi Sep 10 '16 at 0:35
  • FYI, I know Lord Buddha Visited Sri Lanka 3 Times.. – RANSARA009 Sep 10 '16 at 5:21
  • @RANSARA009 I suppose that 'knowledge' is based on Sri Lanka's Mahavamsa, and/or on its precursor the Dipavamsa. – ChrisW Sep 10 '16 at 10:32

Load budhdha was born in jambudeepa in india(nepal). Srilanka is not budhdha's born contry. jambudeepa is not ancient srilanka. some one early mentioned "janbudeepa is ancient sri lanka " this details are not correct. Its completly wrong so used refferences also wrong.that refferences were writen by some crazy person. If this writer's age is 75y he is think only his experience he was wrote books what he think about budhda it is not through and there is no other histrorical sourse say like this. But sri lanka has 2500 years histrorical books so eny one can understand read with mahawanshaya and thripitakaya. Gawthama budhda was born in India(nepal ) not sri lanka.thats the historical through.


India is not the land of lord buddha. The british conquers changed and misunderstood the history of india and sri lanka. Lord Buddha born in JAMBUDEEPA. Jambudeepa is ancient sri lanka. A part of ancient sri lanka was known as Jambudeepa. Sri lanka is the lowest gravity country in the world where the Lord Buddha born. India was never known as Jambudeepa. Indian history has no records of buddha. But Sri lanka has many records. Buddha never visited any country. Lord Buddha travelled only in the island of ancient sri lanka. (helabima). Mahawansa is about the histroy of ancient sri lanka. Dambadiva and Jambudeepa refer to sri lanka. But people misunderstood it.


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