My friend meditates daily (non-Buddhist). He finds that from time to time a very annoying person tries to seemingly drag power and energy from him like a magnet.

Can any one explain how he can escape from this seemingly difficult situation? How can I advise him to emotionally cut free from this individual in his life?


The problem described here is all within the mind of your friend. The Sigalovada Sutta explains, in our lives, we will encounter 'true friends' & 'false friends'. The Sigalovada Sutta describes in detail the characteristics of 'true friends' & 'false friends'.

The method of escape is two-fold:

  1. Discern clearly with wisdom the other person is a 'false-friend'.

  2. Ensure this clear discernment is free from hatred & established in equanimity & concern (compassion).


I had a situation like that. I tried to turn it into a practice to strengthen my patience and compassion(for both of us).

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