I am curious to know how Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero teachers Ānāpānasati. Does he follow the 16 stage instructions or perhaps something similar to the 8 step method1 or combination of both or something different with or without overlap.

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1 Anapana Sati Meditation on Breathing by Ven. Mahathera Nauyane Ariyadhamma


Mainly it is concentrating on one's breath as "l'm inhaling short, I'm exhaling short" or otherwise "I'm inhaling long, I'm exhaling short".

This is what Lord Buddha asks us to do in the beginning. He also says this meditation isn't for everybody. This meditation isn't the only way to understand the Four Noble Truths.

Official Website: http://mahamevnawa.lk/

Meditation Section: http://mahamevnawa.lk/meditation/

You can find English sessions of Sound Cloud in that website and might find English guides on meditation.

The thero also published a book in sinhalese called É Ama Nivan Suwa Bohoo Dura Nowe (ඒ අමා නිවන් සුව බොහෝ දුර නොවේ - The Nirvana is not that far away) which explains Maha Satipattana Sutta, which contains the above form of breathing. Buddha states also to note that the breath isn't me, mine or my soul (hence the book contains it).


The mundane way to do the Anapanasati Meditation is given in the interpretations that are out there of the following Doctrinal Discourses - Ananda Sutta (Leading to Awakening) SAMYUTTA NIKAYA 12:10; Girimananda Sutta (To Girimananda) ANGUTTARA NIKAYA 10.60; Anapanasati Sutta (Mindfulness of Breathing) MAJJIMA NIKAYA 118 Etc. Etc. The Supreme Buddha explained to Venerable Ananda (Among the greatest 10 disciples of the Buddha, the one who had the most retentive memory), “This one factor is Anapanasati, which when developed and pursued brings the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Cattaro Satipatthana) to completion. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, when developed and pursued bring the Seven Factors of Enlightenment to completion. The Seven Factors of Enlightenment, when developed and pursued bring Clear Knowing and Release to completion.” The million dollar question is whether any of these interpretations of the Anapanasati Meditation is correct or not.


I'm glad you asked Suminda here are some of Mahamewnawa teachings on Vipassana...

This is the only one i could find on Anapanasathi Meditation

Liberation through Breath (Meditation of Breathing)

Our monastery concentrate more on the vipassana Meditation. Here are some of the popular ones.......

Just a body with movement (Meditation of posturest full awarness)

A bag with an opening at both ends (Meditation of foulness)

Slaughtered cow (Meditation on elements)

Verily my own body, too (Meditation on nine cemetery contemplations)

Asubha – Anapanasathi Meditation

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