Hope you all doing excellent! Would like to know if there's any monastery or Theravada temple in San Francisco, OC or LA? I know there's one in Redwood Valley, but it's a lil too far off. Pls share, if you happen to know any nearby. Thanks.

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There is nothing specific to Theravada nearby (other than what you found in Redwood Valley, which I'm guessing is Abhayagiri), but just in case it is helpful, here are some other monasteries and temples that are somewhat close:

Also less than an hour away is also the Insight Meditation Center, which is neither a monastery nor a temple, but is very much rooted in Theravada teachings (so maybe worth mentioning).


I've attended Vipassana intensive retreats at Tathagata Meditation Center in San Jose, a Mahasi style center. I found the atmosphere conducive to advanced meditation practice and the other yogis who practice there were equally intense/not many beginners.


Did you try the World Buddhist Directory?


According to Worldwide Mahamevnawa Branches there's a "Mahamevnawa Meditation Monastery of California" in Torrance (in the region of Los Angeles).

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