Can Metta be practiced in a partnership or as a team?

I can think of

  • two people practicing Metta together, or
  • a group which meets for meditation, or
  • across borders, across continents people meditate together at a certain time.

Are there any indications of a Sutta?

Are there practices of a tradition?

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Meditation influences the surrounding by vibration created. (You can really feel the vibration when you experience Piti) So when you pratice as a group these vibrations influence others, especially when you are having a bad patch in meditation then the influence of others will help in to develop calmness and concentration and perhaps dispel agitation and other hindrances that might have surfaced during your worldly interactions.

This is true for all types of meditation but most effective when doing Metta as vibrations tend to be stronger.


Yes there is a mentioning, the famous sutta, its starts out with hints of being withdrawn from the world like "not overly attached to families" and is actually not meant as a social event. But since "sex" sells it is broadly sold like that, introduced like that. If one just likes to maintain pleasant feeling, one can go on an thinks this way, but if one has certain metta (maybe for the living beings that would lose there lives to be able to meet in a beloved group) and like to put his practice also in line with metta, this first lines of the Suttas become to have reasons.

There is a nice summary of all qualities required to practice metta and its really not an ordinary mans task and so is it with the benefits one would gain, of which you would just gain sort time pleasure if its made for simply some personal pleasure.

Karaṇīya Metta-Sutta - The Message of Peace and Universal Friendliness, by Ven. Ñāṇadassana Maha Thera.

And to your question if there are such metta-events and practices, actually 95% are of such as you have thought of.

One might also consider the question and answer here in: Metta and Loving-Kindness as a Team

See also: Metta Means Goodwill (Thanissaro Bhikkhu). At least metta is not meant to get involved, but more a beneficial kind of thought for others for one who is actually on leave or on a journey, leaving for a good with the thought "Sabbe sattā sukhī attānaṃ pariharantu." "May all living beings look after themselves with ease." (The Sublime Attitudes | audio)

So where do you like to go?

(Note: this answer has not been given with the agreement to be means of trade or the purpose of/for trade and/or keep people trapped and bound. How you handle it lies in your sphere, but does not excuse the deed here either.)


You are allowed to practice as a team. In fact in Lord Buddha's time and even now people and Monks do it. But the important thing is to use this good friendship as a boat and use the excitement of teamwork to your benefit.

Remember not to be too attached to the team. You will be more willing to meditate when yo got friends around.

Even Lord Buddha said

Good friends (Kalyana mitta) are the strength of Buddhism

But never discuss your meditation with your friends, Because it will awake each others ego and that would do more harm than good. But if you have any issues with your practice seek the help of a good master. I would advice you to seek a kind monk because ordinary people can be a bit ego driven.

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    "In fact in Lord Buddha's time and even now people and Monks do it." Yes?! and "Good friends (Kalyana mitta) are the strength of Buddhism" <-> "But never discuss your meditation with your friends" Yes?! So one seeks out for friend, to remember that they are no friends and then meditates with them and try to be exited in hope for a unordinary person to say "you have to walk alone"? or how should it be understood? Jan 6, 2016 at 14:10
  • One must seek out friends when that person is new and need extra push towards dhamma because it is easy to loose the way and return to the common life. This method is approved by Lord Buddha and when they have matured enough they can walk alone. Like a child a new comer to Buddhism need the help of good friends. And friendship do not necessarily mean attachment. After all even arahants used to gather and chant or discuss dhamma even though there is not reason to do it as they all have achieved Nirvana. They did this because good company is always nice and comforting to a Buddhist @SamanaJohann
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    Jan 6, 2016 at 15:04
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    "They did..." Is mr/mrs Theravada sure? "...this because good company is always nice and comforting to a Buddhist.." and what about this? and that an Arahat might be maybe not a Buddhist, even does not seeks for freinds? "One must seek out friends when that person is new and need extra push towards dhamma because it is easy to loose the way and return to the common life.", is quite a good advice, to be advised. Isn't it that there are two main tasks? Discussing the or dwell in silence (e.g. 2 Jhana+) Jan 6, 2016 at 15:10
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    What does Theravada think? Is wanting to be something or somebody a reason for suffering quarrel and stress? Is being something and not loosing it a reason for suffering quarrel and stress? Does somebodies destiny depend on what he/she is, depending on his definition on his birth? Is defining one self with a group the reason of suffering quarrel and stress? Would there be quarrel and suffering, if people would not misunderstood? Jan 8, 2016 at 0:42
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    It not good to think in terms of we, Upasaka Theravada. Its modern and many people use it for concernment. Buddha Dhamma is a medicine to heal individualism and use it as a group medicine causes even more attachment and suffering. When one grows more independent and had developed metta for this one is able to help. Its not good to make something dear. Dear Ones, remember the metta sutta "not attached to families". It needs a lot of real metta to walk the way for the benefit of all. Jan 8, 2016 at 23:40

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