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enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

This incident (depicted) happened after Lord Buddha visited a certain Deva realm.

  • Can someone provide any sutta or sutra reference?
  • If you can, please explain the event and the drawings?
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One of those pictures is shown on this page: Lhabab Duchen – the Day Buddha Descended from Tushita Heavens:

This article from Bhutan Journals describes the iconography of the Buddha Shakyamuni Descending from Tushita Heavens to the Earth.

A version of this story is told/included in the Dhammapada-aṭṭhakathā (verse 181):

On return from the Tavatimsa deva world, the Buddha uttered Verse (181) of this book at Sankassanagara, in reply to Thera Sariputta's words of welcome.

There's a more detailed version of this story somewhere else (I don't know where), for example Wikipedia's Lhabab Duchen article includes details about a "triple ladder" (shown in all the pictures):

He was exhorted by his follower and representative Maudgalyayana to return, and after a long debate and under a Full Moon agreed to return. He returned to earth a week later by a special triple ladder prepared by Viswakarma, the god of machines. This event is considered to be one of the eight great deeds of the Buddha.


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