We all know that we get sick and get old but i have heard that "Abhidhamma" talks about a faster version of decay and change.As i have heard there is a change that is happening every fraction of a second but we are unable to recognize it with our senses.

Does anyone have knowledge to share about this?

And how can we use this to our personal practice?

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With vipassanā-ñāṇa you can recognise this change perhaps not to the clarity as in the Abhidhamma.

In p 39 of Process of Conciousness and Matter by (Aggamahāpaṇḍita) Bhaddanta Dr. Rewata Dhamma (Writen as a supplement to Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma), gives an idea at what rate phenomena arises and passes away.

For personal practice if will be sufficient recognise:

  • Arising
  • Passing
  • Change, i.e., what has arisen is what has not arisen before

Also see my other answer on similar subject matter: https://buddhism.stackexchange.com/a/12392/295

Following two articles by Piya Tan might be of interest:


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