This article titled The Theory of Kama says,

Volition, or Will (tetana), is itself the doer, Feeling (vedana) is itself the reaper of the fruits of actions.

So feelings are the fruit of will and of actions.

Is the the converse also true: does diminished volition and not-acting create karma that will have a neutral sensation?

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    i'm thinking of dreams tbh, but the question seemed of general interest
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The sensations are decided by the motivation of volition behind "non action" which on its own is an action.

Diminished volition can occur in a Vipassana partitioner who is seeing sensations arising and passing with no clinging or aversion hence not creating Fabrications / Formations / Sankara. This on its own right is wholesome hence this produces Piti followed by Passaddhi which is generally initially pleasant (Piti) and then more neutral (Passaddhi).

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