Where can I find the Chinese Canon Agamas in English translation?


Dirgha Agama

Thanks to the reference contributed by ChrisW, I was able to find the following fragments:

The entire DA is available in print from BDK America (thanks for the link, Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena):

Madhyama Agama

Online I was able to find the following sutras, translated by Charles D. Patton:

There is also this BDK America version, containing the first 71 sutras:

Samyukta Agama

According to the sutra commentaries in the Yogacara-bhumi Shastra, the Samyukta Agama was the earliest agama collection.

Turns out there are two version of Samyukta Agama, the long one (~1350 sutras), known by the scholars as T.99 or "ZA" and the short one (364 sutras), known as T.100 or "BZA". Most of the BZA is available in English translation by Marcus Bingenheimer either online or in one PDF. Most of the BZA sutras have almost identical counterparts in ZA.

Out of ~1350 sutras in the long Samyukta Agama, ~260 are available online so far, most translated to English by bhikkhu Analayo and some by an unknown translator at lapislazulitexts.com/tripitaka as well as by Choong Mun-keat:

Ekottarika Agama

Unless otherwise noted, translated by Dr. Thich Huyen-Vi and Bhikkhu Pas­ad­ika in collaboration with Sara Boin-Webb, for the Buddhist Stud­ies Review.


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