Where, on the internet, are motivational ebooks, blog entries or whatever that have concise motivating advice, excerpts, quotes and koans that might motivate one to practice?

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    Here's an easy one - you only think you have time.
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  • Cold Mountain is a great collection of such poems. The ultimate motivation: look at your cemetary ground.
    – Ahmed
    Commented Sep 23, 2015 at 17:52

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Read the nice anecdotes of Ajaan Fuang. A small selection below.

§ A woman came to Wat Dhammasathit to observe the precepts and meditate for a week, but by the end of the second day she told Ajaan Fuang that she had to return home, because she was afraid her family couldn't get along without her. He taught her to cut through her worries by saying, "When you come here, tell yourself that you've died. One way or another, your family will have to learn to fend for themselves."

§ "We keep disagreeable people around the monastery as a way of testing to see if our defilements really are all gone."

§ "Don't make a journal of your meditation experiences. If you do, you'll start meditating in order to have this or that thing happen, so that you can write it down in your journal. And as a result, you'll end up with nothing but the things you've fabricated."

§ "When the meditation goes well, don't get excited. When it doesn't go well, don't get depressed. Simply be observant to see why it's good, why it's bad. If you can be observant like this, it won't be long before your meditation becomes a skill."

§ A student came to complain to Ajaan Fuang that she had been meditating for years, and still hadn't gotten anything out of it. His immediate response: "You don't meditate to 'get' anything. You meditate to let go."

§ "You should watch visions (in meditation) the same way you watch TV: Just watch it, without getting pulled inside the tube."

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