If we consider person(Arthma) as a consciousness. When undergoing an operation, we are temporarily unconscious. Then what happens to that person while unconscious?

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I want to understand the technicality of rebirth and what happens to conditioned self.
If there is no soul, how can there be rebirth?.
Is rebirth a delusional belief?.
What are examples of identity-view?

  1. If we say these things are temporary illusions then how it is continued?
  2. What are the similes use to explain this phenomena in any tradition?
  • It would be good when Nyom Bonn would give a useful answer here. What's the matter with consciousness and how could person and knowing actually disappear? Commented Apr 23, 2019 at 6:44

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Nothing happens to that person when consciousness ceases - there was never a person to begin with, only arising and ceasing of experience.

I realized after the fact that I can't sufficiently cite sources while on my phone - apologies for such an incomplete answer, I'll try and expand later :)

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