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Top new questions this week:

detachment from goals

I'm a lay follower because I am too old to become a monastic and I have familial commitments, but I see the general futility in my goals in life. In specific my career goals. I was training for years ...

user avatar asked by jwe Score of 3
user avatar answered by Dhamma Dhatu Score of 2

How to do insight meditation as pain for the meditation object?

I'm soon getting my wisdom teeth removed. Like always, I don't plan on using any anesthesia for the procedure - the pain is probably going to be excruciating, like always. So how can I use it as a ...

meditation insight pain  
user avatar asked by zeozea Score of 2
user avatar answered by Andriy Volkov Score of 1

Does Sutta Nipata say this quote?

From a book called Pruning the Bodhi Tree the author writes in the Suttanipata (oldest Pali discourses?) the following is replied by Sakyamuni: Without ordinary perception (conception), without ...

sutras sutta-reference  
user avatar asked by blue_ego Score of 1
user avatar answered by Dhamma Dhatu Score of 3

virtues other than the paramitas to practice in daily life

For some context, I have been practicing the paramitas in daily life—one each day, and then repeating them when they're done. But I felt the need to include a few other things that were missed in ...

modern-world paramitas  
user avatar asked by Kobamschitzo Score of 1
user avatar answered by Desmon Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is required to achieve Nirvana in Buddhism?

Nirvana is considered by many religions the pinnacle to strive for. What do I need to do to achieve Nirvana? Are there different perceptions of the requirements held by different sects?

user avatar asked by James Jenkins Score of 10
user avatar answered by Andriy Volkov Score of 16

Physical Exercise as a Monk?

Is a monk allowed to exercise the body in order to keep it fit and healthy? I reckon both 'healthy' and 'fit' as attachments, but is there an overall rule/teaching that explains this?

monk vinaya well-being attachment  
user avatar asked by Jordy van Ekelen Score of 12
user avatar answered by Rabbit Score of 10

A Good Career for a Buddhist?

I am a business woman and my job is stressful. It is entirely motivated by greed. I want to leave my career but I have a dream to help poor people in my country and also to make my parents proud of me....

personal-practice ethics lay-buddhism right-livelihood parents  
user avatar asked by sherly Score of 14
user avatar answered by B1100 Score of 0

Purpose of touching tongue to roof of mouth during meditation

While researching forms of meditation involving concentration specific to the Tibetan school of Buddhism, the meditation instruction tells one to touch their tongue to the roof of their mouth when ...

tibetan-buddhism meditation-posture  
user avatar asked by Patrick Sebastien Score of 17
user avatar answered by Andriy Volkov Score of 18

What would one encounter at a Buddhist temple service?

With the understanding that there are many different traditions and cultures within Buddhism, I wonder if it is possible to describe what a newcomer might encounter if they went to a temple service ...

traditions temples  
user avatar asked by Robin111 Score of 7
user avatar answered by Gwyneth Llewelyn Score of 7

How many Buddhas are there?

If you believe in Shakyamuni Buddha the answer is No, because Buddha was clear about the previous Buddha Kassapa and the next Buddha Maytreia If that's the case, then buddha must be very few in ...

user avatar asked by user4951 Score of 5
user avatar answered by aknay Score of 7

What language did the Buddha speak?

Do we know, or have a good idea, what language the historical Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) spoke. I've just assumed it is Pali but a moment's thought tells me this is probably wrong since the Pali ...

history the-buddha pali-language  
user avatar asked by Crab Bucket Score of 11
user avatar answered by Bakmoon Score of 6
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