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Top new questions this week:

How to deal with people and colleagues who are angry, complaining or seeking attention?

For some reason I'm a magnet to bad people or people who are chronic complainers or attention seekers. They often come to me when they need to talk or vent. Especially at work. I don't really want to ...

personal-practice ethics daily-life anger lay-person  
asked by Jade Empire 3 votes
answered by Dhammadhatu 3 votes

How is the Tibetan Kangyur actually laid out?

I have been trying to gather Tibetan etexts like the Kangyur, and have found two sources: Adarsha AsianClassics Later I realized there are multiple editions of the "Kangyur" composed at ...

tibetan-buddhism texts  
asked by Lance Pollard 2 votes

A seeming contradicion in meditation

In Buddhism I have often heard the idea that there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling, thinking and sensing, it is only our relation to those things that define/judge them to be bad. Well this ...

meditation anti-thought  
asked by Mads 2 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 3 votes

Can a puthujjana have unshakable faith in the Buddha-Dhamma?

I read the following on the internet: According to my present understanding of Dhamma, nobody will be able to shake my faith. Can a puthujjana (unenlightened commoner still immersed in self instinct)...

papanca saddha  
asked by Dhammadhatu 1 vote
answered by OyaMist 2 votes

Body scan guided meditation that covers only the upper body?

I'm not certain if this is the right place to ask this question so let me know if I need to try a different forum. Does anyone know of a guided body scan that only covers the upper body? My partner is ...

beginner meditation-mindfulness  
asked by kmk 1 vote
answered by frankk 1 vote

How to learn to trust one's fundamental goodness?

In this answer it says "Learning to trust one's fundamental goodness" is one of the way to practise seclusion. I want to understand what this means in context of the question on Rhinocerous ...

personal-practice ethics sutras  
asked by The White Cloud 1 vote
answered by Andrei Volkov 3 votes

Is "anupassi" translated as "focused" accurate?

I read the following on the internet: If having a little wisdom one would not see any different between "staying right focused" and "watch closely", but the fool seeks to ...

satipatthana ignorance wrongview mara evil  
asked by Dhammadhatu 1 vote
answered by Bonn 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exactly differentiates Vipassana from Samatha meditation?

What are the key aspects of Vipassana that are not present in Samatha? What is the main difference in the method from a meditator's perspective? Labeling emotions and feelings are part of samatha ...

asked by konrad01 35 votes
answered by yuttadhammo 21 votes

Why does the Buddha call himself the Tathāgata?

Questions in the title. What is the significance of this term and how it is used by the Buddha in the suttas?

asked by Sāmaṇera Jayantha 13 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 11 votes

Which is the Buddhist holy book? Where can it be read?

Is there a holy book for buddhists as the Bible is for Jews and Christians and Quran for Muslims? Is that the Tipitaka? A book where you can find all the teachings of Buddhism, and how to behave, ...

texts belief beginner tipitaka rules  
asked by Pichi Wuana 11 votes
answered by ChrisW 15 votes

I don't like people but I like buddhism

I'm a bit confused. I had a rather crappy childhood. Very disfunctional family and lots of bullying and abuse both at home and at school. It kind of made me very distrusting of people. I learnt at a ...

asked by Arturia 12 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 13 votes

Why is Buddhism followed mainly outside of India when it originated there?

India is the original land of Buddhism, but it is followed/practiced more outside its country of birth. Are there any reasons for this?

asked by Narasimham 7 votes
answered by abn 2 votes

What language did the Buddha speak?

Do we know, or have a good idea, what language the historical Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) spoke. I've just assumed it is Pali but a moment's thought tells me this is probably wrong since the Pali ...

history the-buddha pali-language  
asked by Crab Bucket 9 votes
answered by Bakmoon 5 votes

Why do some English-language texts refer to the Buddha as "Lord"?

I often see this word online, especially in Sutras translated into English. Does the original Sutra written in Pali or Sanskrit mentioned it like this? The meaning of "Lord" as per wikipedia ...

asked by little star 6 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 6 votes
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