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Top new questions this week:

Can someone be literally reborn in lower realms due to unskillful thoughts and emotions?

I often wonder myself if the buddhist teachings says that realms are mental states, realities based on external conditions or a combination of the two. Why is that? For example: "There's the ...

theravada karma pali-canon ethics rebirth  
asked by Mrcp82 3 votes

How to explain to someone with no knowledge about Buddhism what is meant by "extinguishing" the self?

A person I know has drawn the unwanted conclusion that the entanglement from the self is to be equated with erasing one's personality, feelings and connections in life. That to be extinguished in ...

mahayana nirvana anatman  
asked by Arbuiwer 3 votes
answered by ruben2020 3 votes

When practicing Mahasi-style meditation, should we label rising and falling, or just distractions? The instructions seem contradictory

In Mahasi Sayadaw's meditation instructions, he says "you will find the abdomen rising when you breathe in, and falling when you breathe out. The rising should be noted mentally as 'rising', and ...

meditation vipassana meditation-insight mahasi-sayadaw technique  
asked by chipples 1 vote
answered by cgtk 1 vote

Which meditation is less likely to have negative effects or be practiced wrong?

I've heard a meditation teacher mention that samatha is less likely to be done wrong while using a visual object. I've also read about how mindfulness meditation may sometimes lead to negative effects ...

meditation meditation-recommendation  
asked by Eggman 1 vote

How to understand this teaching: "Whenever others treat me badly, may I accept this defeat myself and offer the victory to others"

Below is one of the verses from the "Eight Verses for Training the Mind" by Geshe Langri Tangpa Whenever others, because of their jealousy, treat me badly with abuse, insult, slander, or in ...

mahayana sutras tibetan-buddhism bodhisattva  
asked by cgtk 1 vote
answered by Juckix 1 vote

What is the Buddhist attitude towards cosmology?

In Majjhima Nikaya 63, the Buddha says So, Malunkyaputta, remember what is undeclared by me as undeclared, and what is declared by me as declared. And what is undeclared by me? 'The cosmos is eternal,...

asked by user21367 1 vote
answered by Ted Wrigley 3 votes

the result of feelings

The Nibbedhika Sutta: Penetrative (translated by Ven. Thanissaro) states the following: "And what is the result of feeling? One who feels a feeling produces a corresponding state of existence, ...

pali-canon aggregates  
asked by lilredindy 1 vote
answered by ruben2020 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is done with offerings after they've been on the altar awhile?

This is an altar maintenance question. What are the sort of typical things done with the food, water, flowers and so on that gets put on the altar for altar maintenance?

asked by MatthewMartin 8 votes
answered by dmsp 6 votes

What did the Buddha teach about aliens?

What are the teachings of the Buddha about aliens or other planets that have lives? Is this the only place that can have life or human beings? Is it possible to be born a Buddha in some other ...

the-buddha science teaching realms  
asked by uiroshan 4 votes
answered by Sāmaṇera Jayantha 7 votes

Disenchanted with Buddhism

Im nearly 50 years old and so far in my life I have never found a sense of belonging or any sense of purpose. I haven't found a way to work that offers any sense of contribution or meaning. I have ...

meditation five-hindrances doubt  
asked by Arturia 23 votes
answered by Majenko 22 votes

What is ignorance in Buddhism and what are examples of ignorance?

Wikipedia describes ignorance and delusions. This appears to be academic and do not find examples that are easily related. What is ignorance? How is it different to delusions or are they the same? ...

asked by Motivated 9 votes
answered by Orion 8 votes

Am I following Buddhism as a sort of Escapism?

Some body close to me said to me, "you failed in the real world and so now you are chasing Nirvana and running away". It hurt me a little but set me thinking if he is right? The story is, I ...

personal-practice lay-buddhism  
asked by The White Cloud 16 votes

What are the differences between "Nirvana" in Buddhism and "Moksha" in Hinduism?

A few days ago, I came across an article on Buddhism primarily about "Nirvana." After I read the article, I started to wonder because "Nirvana" sounds similar to Hinduism's "Moksha." Does anyone ...

nirvana belief comparative-religion religion  
asked by Kiran RS 11 votes
answered by DirkM 9 votes

A Creation Story in Buddhism?

Some major religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have a Creation Story, which describes how God created the universe. These stories describe how a deity created the earth and then the first ...

asked by Mawia 3 votes
answered by Crab Bucket 8 votes
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