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Top new questions this week:

ignoring thoughts vs understanding them

Every day I struggle with an onslaught of negative thoughts (perfectionists with huge ego) I came upon 2 different schools of thought in Buddhism teaching. One would be to try to ignore the thoughts, ...

thoughtprocess anti-thought  
asked by GlutVonSmark 3 votes
answered by Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena 3 votes

Does the Buddha deny genetic differences?

In MN.98, the Buddha seems to deny the ethnic/racial/genetic differences between humans. He seems to indicate that differences in physical traits between individuals are not determined by birth as in ...

sutras science animals human medical-science  
asked by Kalapa 3 votes
answered by Dhammadhatu 7 votes

What does Buddhism teach on cultivating energy for those who are drowsy?

This is rather a personal question. Sometimes, I am a very depressed individual, and besides other things, I'm struggling with a lack of energy. It happens that I sleep for 10 or more hours. ...

asked by Damocle Damoclev 2 votes
answered by ian3111 1 vote

Categorizing common thoughts patterns and believes

Are there any list of thought patterns / believes of a person who have extream aversion, conceite .... etc ? There is an android app that gives a similar result. (I'm not sure that I can linked to a ...

five-hindrances thoughtprocess awareness anti-thought  
asked by Dum 2 votes
answered by Erik 1 vote

Should we care about what others think?

Should we care about what others think? If so, to what level? (Most of the time, those thoughts creates suffering).

suffering society guidance aversion  
asked by anony 2 votes
answered by Brian Díaz Flores 1 vote

Responding skillfully to an insincere apology

from AN 2.21: "Monks, these two are fools. Which two? The one who doesn't see his transgression as a transgression, and the one who doesn't rightfully pardon another who has confessed his ...

asked by Erik Kaplun 2 votes
answered by ChrisW 2 votes

Does Vajrayana accept the idea that Buddha placed Lord Yama (a supposed Bodhisattva) in charge of the hell realms to ensure karmic retribution?

In reading this answer to another question I came across this link which is seemingly a Tibetan Buddhist site proclaiming the following: In Buddhism the two beings that are often confused with the ...

asked by Yeshe Tenley 2 votes
answered by Bhupendra Rajput 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is stock trading a wrong livelihood?

Does stock trading count as pursuing gain with gain mentioned as wrong view in MN117? Sure active stock trading is very destructive, especially nowadays it's like trading the weather, but does it ...

asked by user14243 16 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 18 votes

What Bad Karma Awaits Adulterers?

Will they get to suffer in hell? I am trying to find out more about their fate..I know that if you get angry a lot you get reborn ugly..But what happens to people who cheat on you??Will they get ...

asked by Orion 8 votes
answered by santa100 9 votes

What is the meaning of the Zen quote: "Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water"?

In the question "A question regarding the level of worldly participation for a buddhist monk", Bhante gave an answer containing a Zen quote. The quote is; "Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry ...

reference-request texts zen  
asked by Lanka 11 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 5 votes

Is it true that Lord Buddha was born in Sri Lanka?

I've heard there's a rumor saying that lord Buddha was born in Sri Lanka and ancient "Dambadiwa" is not India but Sri Lanka. There's a "sal" tree in Sri Lanka which matches to the exact tree that we ...

the-buddha ethics history  
asked by pooza 2 votes
answered by sampathsris 8 votes

Why do Buddhists believe there is no creator?

Why do Buddhists believe there is no creator? Do Buddhists in general also believe there is no supreme being, or do they settle on that there is no intervening supreme being? Are these the Buddha's ...

the-buddha beginner god right-view  
asked by Jonas Byström 16 votes
answered by ruben2020 11 votes

Where does a person go after attaining Nirvana?

After attaining Nirvana, what happens to the person(conscious) after death? Does the person cease to exist? If not, does the person go to some peaceful place?

belief nirvana doctrine  
asked by Mawia 20 votes
answered by Crab Bucket 19 votes

What did the Buddha say about music?

Do music help? Why sometimes it feels equal to meditation in terms of achieving bliss (may be for short span of period) Or music is just an another time wasting thing? Text with links and pictorials ...

personal-practice music  
asked by jitin 6 votes
answered by Sankha Kulathantille 10 votes

Can you answer this question?

Stages of Compassion • Mahayana

Dear friends, I am looking for references pertaining to the notion of the Four Stages of Compassion in the Mahayana traditions. Thank you for your kind and generous help, may you all be well and ...

reference-request mahayana compassion  
asked by Fabien Todescato 1 vote
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