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Top new questions this week:

Would a stream enterer no longer need the "I am the owner and heir of my karma" reflection?

The following sutta quote shows the reflection that would cause the diminishing or abandonment of misconduct. However, this appears to be a method of skillful means for reflection by someone with self-...

karma stream-entry  
asked by ruben2020 6 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 4 votes

Attitude towards harmful behaviors

Whenever I'm confronted with behaviours I find potentially harmful, I get angry. One example of this is when I witness motorists speeding or otherwise making risky maneuvers (going after the light has ...

ethics lay-buddhism daily-life right-intention  
asked by Mobius 3 votes
answered by Buddhism 0 votes

How to practice “In the seen will be merely what is seen”

"In the seen will be merely what is seen” I’ve red this I’m still not sure how I should apply & practice ...

asked by Explorer 1 vote
answered by Andrei Volkov 2 votes

About svasaṃvedana (reflexive awareness) and having bodhicitta

What is your view regarding svasaṃvedana? Do you accept or deny (the existence of) svasaṃvedana?ṃvedanaṃvedana Can a ...

philosophy discussion  
asked by 黃基展 Huang Ji-zhan 1 vote
answered by Yeshe Tenley 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

eye movement during meditation

During my past several meditation sessions, which have been getting a little longer (approx 20 minutes now), I have noticed that my eyes twitch and move involuntarily -- it feels similar to the eye ...

meditation-hindrances meditation-effects  
asked by Ian Taylor 8 votes
answered by rob_mtl 4 votes

Does eating eggs break the precepts?

On the Buddhist days for eating vegetarian, as laypeople is it okay if we eat eggs? I hear people say that eggs grown for eating are not devoid of life. If eaten, is one guilty of killing?

five-precepts ethics vegetarianism  
asked by iCrazybest 5 votes
answered by Theravada 3 votes

Are the Chakras present in the original Buddha's teachings?

I know it is very common these days to associate Chakras with Buddhist meditation, but I couldn't find anything that supports that in the suttas. (I haven't read all suttas) Did the Buddha himself ...

history meditation-effects  
asked by konrad01 10 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 13 votes

What are the differences between vipassana and mindfulness meditation?

I have been reading about vipassana and mindfulness meditation but so far I haven’t fully understood the differences. Is mindfulness meditation an aspect or a variation of vipassana meditation?

vipassana mindfulness meditation-practicalities  
asked by artificer 22 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 14 votes

Who am I- according to Buddhism

What does Buddha say about the question,"Who am I"? Our body and mind perishes with time. If so then who actually attains the Truth?

enlightenment anatman  
asked by Dipayan Bairagi 8 votes
answered by Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena 3 votes

If I start doing Vipassana now, how long will it take me to achieve Nirvana?

Call me an over-enthusiast but presently, the highest priority in my life is to achieve the object of Nirvana or moksha. By performing Vipassana, I want to achieve Nirvana and in this lifetime only. I'...

vipassana nirvana meditation-insight  
asked by Shinu Jacob 15 votes
answered by sova 26 votes

What do you wish you knew when you started down the path of buddhism?

This stack exchange actually lead me towards the path of finding a lama and becoming a Buddhist. Thank You! This got me thinking, what would you tell sentient beings new to the path of Buddhism? Is ...

meditation meditation-practicalities tibetan-buddhism beginner tantra  
asked by CarterMan 10 votes
answered by Konchog 13 votes
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