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Top new questions this week:

What Buddha's techniques I can use to uproot deep craving for a woman's love?

I am not geographically close to this woman, nor do I ever talk to her, she's just my teenage obsession that lingers on my mind. I am too much attached to my perceptions about how she is, and because ...

attachment craving lust  
asked by Equanimous_being 8 votes
answered by Alex 2 votes

When is it love? When is it attachment?

I have this misunderstanding about love and attachment as they relate to one another. It's hard to put in words, so I'll try with some examples first. My understanding is that love is something you ...

suffering attachment sexuality relationship love  
asked by Pips 3 votes
answered by ChrisW 3 votes

Are there suttas that recommend a specific order of the buddhist practices?

Every now and then i see claims that a particular practice of the noble eightfold path (or alternatively, the threefold division) builds on a specific preceding practice. Two examples of claims ...

reference-request sutras  
asked by Erik 3 votes
answered by Dhammadhatu 1 vote

If Buddha had unconditional love, why did he "kill" some of his monks?

I recall there is a sutta where the Buddha said he "kills" some monks, that is, completely ignores them or something similar. Is this contrary to metta (unconditonal love)?

sutras papanca  
asked by Dhammadhatu 2 votes
answered by ChrisW 4 votes

Does the beauty of Buddhism lie in letting seekers seek beyond the bounds of religion?

When I was young I was told by a booklet that if I found a better religion, I can follow that one. I liked the idea of God centered, open-sourced religion back then so it was what kept me loyal and ...

lay-buddhism secular-buddhism  
asked by Singleminded Compass 2 votes
answered by Alex 1 vote

can meditation and dharma alone take us to higher levels of consciousness?

I have been practising dharma and meditation now for more than 2 years and i feel a good progress within me. Does these 2 tools dharma and meditation alone can take us through to different levels of ...

meditation dharmas  
asked by SGN 2 votes
answered by Yeshe Tenley 1 vote

Meditation side effects

Recently I tried to meditate in a moving car. I started seeing shadow like houses or roads with close eyes. It was followed by intense pain in eyes, nausea and dizziness. The headaches and nausea went ...

asked by Guest 2 votes
answered by Alex 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who said 'if you are too busy meditate for two hours'?

There is a zen quote that goes something like Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours. I'm not sure about the exact quote - it might be 0.5 ...

reference-request zen meditation-practicalities  
asked by Crab Bucket 9 votes
answered by JosephHarriott 2 votes

What determines whether actions are good or bad?

In a large number of religions, 'good' and 'bad' are defined by some all-powerful diety who either sends a representative or himself to tell us about what exactly they want us mortals to do. In ...

philosophy karma ethics  
asked by Haedrian 14 votes
answered by 6 votes

Crippling fear of hellfire &, damnation, please help?

My original belief used to be that as long as you are a decent good person without any intentions to hurt others, you'll be fine. Meaning that no matter what religion you follow, no matter how flawed ...

karma personal-experience hells  
asked by scaredpotato 10 votes
answered by ruben2020 9 votes

What was the historical Buddha's ethnicity?

Gautama Buddha is traditionally regarded as having a noble body with 32 signs of a Great Man and one of those signs are deep blue eyes. I came across many online discussions about Buddha's ethnicity ...

the-buddha history  
asked by Rabbit 9 votes
answered by Bharat 4 votes

Is there a connection between Lord Buddha & Hinduism?

I am new to Buddhism & exploring it. Recently I came across this video which made me ask few questions & they are: 1)They have shown image of Lord Shiva at 13:50 above the baby(Lord Buddha). ...

gautama-buddha hinduism  
asked by Varun Krish 5 votes

What language did the Buddha speak?

Do we know, or have a good idea, what language the historical Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) spoke. I've just assumed it is Pali but a moment's thought tells me this is probably wrong since the Pali ...

history the-buddha pali-language  
asked by Crab Bucket 9 votes
answered by Bakmoon 5 votes

If I start doing Vipassana now, how long will it take me to achieve Nirvana?

Call me an over-enthusiast but presently, the highest priority in my life is to achieve the object of Nirvana or moksha. By performing Vipassana, I want to achieve Nirvana and in this lifetime only. ...

vipassana nirvana meditation-insight  
asked by Shinu Jacob 15 votes
answered by sova 26 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can a Buddhist mix Buddhism with other religions?

Is there any authoritative sourced that a man can have more than one religion if he pleases?

reference-request comparative-religion religion  
asked by Singleminded Compass 1 vote
answered by Isuru 0 votes

In Yogacara Buddhism, is discontinuity an illusion, and does change arise?

Buddhists talk about discontinuity ordinary consciousness consists of the discrete cetas and illusion all is illusion and the external objects are nothing but the creations of our mind ...

impermanence time yogacara existence illusion  
asked by sorta_buddhist 1 vote

How to think deeply and penetrate into it's core?

I want to quote my experience as - "True Understanding brings effortless transformation". In my experience I have found that whenever I understand something deeply (ohhh! Moment) it transforms that ...

wisdom contemplation understanding  
asked by Equanimous_being 1 vote
answered by Erik 0 votes
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