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Top new questions this week:

Hospitalization and its Morals

I have questions regarding hospitalization and its morals 1) Are monks/nuns allowed to be hospitalized and can they go to a hospital or doctor if sick? (because aren't they not allowed to ...

buddha monasticism vinaya killing  
asked by Dhamma4All 3 votes

Is academic research right livelihood?

A question to those of you who’ve spent some time in academia: is academic research right livelihood? Given that it requires one to engage in thinking for the entire duration of one’s working hours, ...

eightfold-path right-livelihood  
asked by Student 3 votes
answered by m2015 1 vote

Buddha Hinduism

Q: Did the Buddha copy Hinduism and add his own stuff? Why is Buddhism connected to thoughts in Hinduism if he didn't do so?

personal-practice buddha tipitaka hinduism  
asked by Dhamma4All 2 votes
answered by Dhammadhatu 2 votes

Why Mind is Fickle?

Monkey mind I don't think. I live in present. My mind always thinking. Past thinking Future thinking. Hate thought.. Worry thought.. Pleasure thought.. Lust thought..

asked by Bhupendra Rajput 2 votes
answered by user12901 0 votes

Monastics & Hygine

I had questions on Monastic hygiene in Theravada: 1) Do monks/nuns brush their teeth and put on deodorant etc 2) If monks/nuns are only allowed to bathe every 2 weeks, how do they deal with ...

theravada buddha teaching monasticism  
asked by Dhamma4All 2 votes

Relying on the Laity, monastics

I had questions regarding the laity, monastic relationship. 1) How exactly (the step by step or explained) does the process work in which the monastics rely solely on the laity? 2) How do ...

buddha monasticism vinaya laity  
asked by Dhamma4All 2 votes

A Problem in Need of an Answer

Through many of Yuttadhammo's videos and accesstoinsight, I have learned a vast amount of knowledge on the Buddha's teachings. But I feel like I am causing myself problems. 1) I keep on ...

buddha teaching thinking wheel-of-dhamma  
asked by Dhamma4All 2 votes
answered by Lowbrow 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is stock trading a wrong livelihood?

Does stock trading count as pursuing gain with gain mentioned as wrong view in MN117? Sure active stock trading is very destructive, especially nowadays it's like trading the weather, but does it ...

asked by user14243 16 votes
answered by Andrei Volkov 18 votes

Buddhist view on Art and being an Artist

I am wondering what is the buddhist view on Art and especially being an Artist? Meaning someone who creates something with an aesthetic quality that may or may not reflect the reality and express ...

asked by Mejzlosh 12 votes

Masturbation: Does it break the 3rd precept?

According to this answer, it seems like masturbation is not considered sexual misconduct or breaking the third precept. However, the whole point (in general) of keeping the precept is to make good ...

five-precepts sexual-misconduct sexuality  
asked by samnish 22 votes
answered by yuttadhammo 23 votes

What does Buddhism say about having dreams about the Buddha?

Is there any meaning given to dreams of the Buddha? For example is it considered an omen a sign or meaningless ...? EDIT: Sorry i have to change the edit back to the Buddha instead of Bodhisattva.My ...

the-buddha dreams  
asked by Orion 4 votes
answered by Sankha Kulathantille 6 votes

Buddhas of The Ten Directions

What are the Buddhas of the ten directions? What are the applications of this teaching in the Buddhist traditions?

mahayana vajrayana pure-land  
asked by DharmaEater 8 votes
answered by MatthewMartin 5 votes

Physical Exercise as a Monk?

Is a monk allowed to exercise the body in order to keep it fit and healthy? I reckon both 'healthy' and 'fit' as attachments, but is there an overall rule/teaching that explains this?

monk vinaya well-being attachment  
asked by Jordy van Ekelen 10 votes
answered by Rabbit 9 votes

What is Buddhism's view on divorce?

In some religions, marriage is perceived as eternal and is a bond that can not be broken. I believe I have read that marriage in Buddhism is not a formal or well-defined institution as it is in ...

modern-world belief relationship  
asked by Parag 14 votes
answered by Sankha Kulathantille 8 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Walking bare foot?

q: Why is it some monks (Yuttadhammo specifically) walks barefoot in his alms rounds as well as while doing walking meditation? Is there a purpose to it?

meditation meditation-practicalities buddha tipitaka  
asked by Dhamma4All 1 vote
answered by SarathW 0 votes

Monastic Stimulation & Lay Protection

I had some questions regarding monastic and lay sexuality & stimulation. 1) If a monk or nun was to get stimulated (i.e. an erection), but it was involuntary, unintentional, an accident, or ...

buddha monasticism vinaya sexuality  
asked by Dhamma4All 1 vote

Pleasure in Shower

Q: I follow Yuttadhammo's tradition and I wanted to know how to prevent the pleasure I get in taking showers. Everytime I take them, I have a clinging to the warmth of the water and the feeling of ...

the-buddha traditions tipitaka personal-experience  
asked by Dhamma4All 1 vote
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