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Top new questions this week:

whether tripitak talk about marananusati or maranassati?

I find many monks discussing about marananusati... however I never find this word in tripitak. Instead I find maranassati. Do buddha ever talked about marananusati.

asked by enRaiser Score of 1
answered by Sampath Score of 0

Visual representation of mind and kamma

Is there a visual representation of how mind looks like with kamma, feelings, emotions, perceptions, attachments etc. Like for example, I tend to visualize lust as a tether that binds us to this human ...

mind fetters  
asked by Iowa Score of 1
answered by ruben2020 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can the Buddha ever be a woman?

Is it true that the Buddha will never be a woman? If so, why is this? To be specific, I am particularly asking whether or not the Buddha itself can be female. I am not asking whether a woman can ...

the-buddha pali-canon gender  
asked by Jordy van Ekelen Score of 54
answered by ChrisW Score of 45

Is moderate drinking acceptable in Buddhism?

I have heard a certain interpretation of the 5th precept and I'm curious about it, the person said that for lay people the 5th precept means "not drinking alcohol to the point you get intoxicated or ...

five-precepts ethics intoxicants well-being  
asked by konrad01 Score of 32
answered by THelper Score of 11

What is the meaning in the Buddha walking seven steps?

When Buddha was born, he walked seven steps and then stopped without stepping the eighth step, and at every step there was a shower of rain. I ask: what does the seven steps symbolize?

asked by iCrazybest Score of 4
answered by dmsp Score of 5

How do Buddhists express condolences?

Since converting to Buddhism, I've been unsure how to express condolences when people pass away. Everything familiar that I might say comes from a Christian perspective such as "being in a better ...

traditions death  
asked by Robin111 Score of 23
answered by Sankha Kulathantille Score of 17

Buddhas of The Ten Directions

What are the Buddhas of the ten directions? What are the applications of this teaching in the Buddhist traditions?

mahayana vajrayana pure-land  
asked by DharmaEater Score of 8
answered by MatthewMartin Score of 5

Why does the Buddha call himself the Tathāgata?

Questions in the title. What is the significance of this term and how it is used by the Buddha in the suttas?

asked by Sāmaṇera Jayantha Score of 14
answered by Andriy Volkov Score of 11

Should one give to beggars?

I'm very fortunate to live in an affluent part of the world. Even so, it is a common site to see people begging for money in the street. In our town there are posters up asking people not to give to ...

modern-world ethics  
asked by Crab Bucket Score of 30
answered by Lynn Suzanne Score of 31
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