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Wondering if it's frowned upon in buddhism to undertake homelessness without ordination. A focus toward meditation of course. With mind and body able to work for oneself.

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No there are many people who do it. It is accepted by Buddhists with respect. This is called Anagarika. There are much respected and famous Anagarika people.

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Another famous anagarika – ruben2020 Mar 30 '15 at 17:00

Homelessness is simply freedom from home-boundedness.

Homelessness is too negative a term. Those who wander free of homes do have their concerns, such as deciding in which beautiful place to sleep tonight, but this is minor compared to the distractions of 30-year mortgages, ever-growing utility bills, the complexities of adequate property insurance, too many neighbors, the hope of an adequate retirement many, many years from now...

One path is not better than the other, and haughty frowns of judgement may be thrown in either direction. One thing is certain: Do not choose your path based on who may or may not frown at you!

A time of homelessness (as the home-bound like to call it) has been an essential period in the lives of many great seekers, the Buddha, Lau Tzu and Jesus being only a few obvious examples. The key is to be homeless with awareness, but this is equally true for the home-bound.

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Yeah... homelessness is awesome when you compare it like that. I'm just lifting off my career... hope I never get stuck in that bubble. It takes far less money to be able to afford a off-grid mobile home lifestyle. I think it's because of familial/girlfriend/societal pressure or ignorance that men are trapped in that kind of lifestyle.. – Ahmed Jan 11 '15 at 5:05

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